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This is a listing of the cross wrap pattern scripts available on the VisualWRAP website.
Download scripts individually (right-click on each link and choose "Save Target As.."),
or simply download the zip file containing all of the scripts.

Can you see a 3D image?

If not, click on the Cortona link below to download the free 3D viewer

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Pattern Library Categories

Star Patterns Fish Patterns Shade Patterns Latest Patterns
Bird Patterns Flag Patterns All Patterns


Guide Wrap Colour Combo Tester

Miscellaneous Vizwrap Downloads

Zip file of patterns Script Tutorial Standard Help File

Vizwrap Thread Libraries

Gudebrod Nylon Library Gudebrod Full Library Madeira in order Madeira by Pantone ProWrap Nylon Colorfast

Vizwrap Animated Help Files

Save these to your hard drive, unzip them (requires WinZip), then play them.
00 - Animated Help Files Intro (1.3MB)
01 - Open a Pattern Script (1.2MB)
02 - Wrapping Modes (3.8MB)
03 - Show More Pattern Repeats (1.1MB)
04 - Changing Colours Quickly (3.1MB)
05 - Launching the 3D Viewer (0.7MB)
06 - Calculating Pattern Spacings (2.7MB)
07 - Pattern Builder - Thread Layouts (4.7MB)
08 - Pattern Builder - Progressions (4.3MB)
09 - Pattern Builder - Sections (2.2MB)
10 - Pattern Builder - Building Scripts (3.3MB)
11 - Pattern Builder - Adding a Background (4.5MB)

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